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MDs get to the top in Spain (or so they say)

Few days ago, it was written in a very serious journal in Spain that MDs and health institutions in Spain were considered the most appreciated professionals / institutions in the country ( Then, it came to my mind the idea that we simply respect nothing in this country. Or maybe it could be stated that we mistreat what we appreciate and love – there are strange kind of lovers on this world -. Or perhaps we admit in public that we love our Health System but, on the other hand, whenever we get into an emergency room and somewhat goes wrong, we exhibit a disgusting tendency to bear aggressive behaviours towards the staff. How the hell can we explain the unexplainable?
And aggressions is not the only issue. Inconvenient demands upon this or that techniques, facilities or prescriptions upon veiled or unveiled complaints or other kind of legal or physical threatens… A new panoramas has settled down in the Spanish Health System daily practice, sometime ago viewed as quiet and peaceful. “You’re a very slow doctor… It’s been hours since I’ve been waiting for you, being seated in the outside room, but whenever it’s my turn every time is scarce.” “You’re not prescribing the drug I want…” “You’re not sending me to the specialist whenever I want…” So, at light of the piece of information quoted above, I could not help the idea… ¿What is then the place for politicians, that were placed at the bottom of the list in which we doctor were at the top?
In the end, taking into account that being a doctor for the Health System is the most appreciated issue herein and considering the fact that a direct translation into practical terms is not perceptible today, it could be demanded to our Health System Administration a tiny dose of kindness when dealing with us, professionals, considering that current times are not prone for economic claims. Better working conditions, less instability, flexibility, conciliation with family duties and that long list of issues that make people happy, in a very different way of the hard, insensitive way we are used to be treated.
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