The World’s Mother.

That’s the nickname some Egyptians use to refer to their old and densely populated capital. Since a week ago, some people feel that history pulse is cooked thereby at the beginning of the second decade of the present century.
I wonder if my elementary English writing allows me to express properly the emotions I feel in typing the words to compose this article. At this very moment, the tyrant is still at office. But doubtlessly everyone is imagining the intensity of communications through his cellular phone. To seek for an exit. And to put in a safe place the stolen treasure. To find a golden exile, where no one could consider him undesirable. And to secure him the flight. But the old robber will not die in his bed, or at least it will not be in Cairo. In the end, life resembles drama: as it happened to Macbeth, it looked almost impossible that Birnam wood could could move forward. But trees do come to Dunsinane, your majesty!
He is not expelled by the Enlightenment, les philosophes or war expenses of a ruined monarchy. His is not a national problem, to be confined by an impossible cordon sanitaire. Nor he is expelled by a well organized nucleus formed by professional revolutionaries, put at home by Israel, United States, Iran, China or any other foreign power. Neither I do believe reasonable that the dark hand of Muslim brotherhood be there pulling the strings. I do not believe plausible reissuing Teheran 1979. No. Neither La Bastille, nor Red October, nor the coming of Sunni Ayatollahs, nor the coming of bearded Fidel to Habana. First of all: desperation. Second: tiredness. Third: plenty of youth, and going along, boldness and audacity. And, to end the cue, the last element, against whom the dictator has uselessly attempted to struggle: new technologies.
Tunisians and Egyptians have shown the world that they can organize themselves in a record time to occupy the public space and to expel régimes having dreaded repressive systems. In the seventies, the Portuguese needed the help of their army, tired of an useless, bloody and endless colonial war. Fearful Franco’s Spain waited silently for the dictator death to begin slowly with democratic reforms. In contrast, North Africa countries are in a much worse political and economic situation than the Iberian Peninsula in the seventies. And their régimes have fallen quickly because of a spontaneous and unexpected citizens’ organization, showing a puzzled world that, from now on, people have their own voice. And it is not easily controllable.
I do not know what it is now coming there, and I do truly believe that no one does. So it is history frenzy. That is the reason why our hypocritical régimes lend a shameful support to North African tyrants, in the same way that the United States and others looked somewhere else in regard to Iberian, Greek, Turkish, Latin-America and other dictatorships some decades ago. Some people have commented that the United States, Israel or Saudi Arabia will not tolerate an undesirable course of the popular movement. It is my opinion that this historical moment is over. Millions of people in the streets – or in the waves – have now the word and the right to choose. The surrounding powers, should they want to retain a honorable role, are expected to remain as catalysts for an acceptable crisis resolution. I do even believe that currently it is rather stupid to put an exigence upon Mubarak to avoid the blood bath. In this moment, the army is not under his commandment, most probably. It is not to obey certain orders. It is only to indicate to exit door, the plane to take and the destination. Significant foreign powers should recognize and prompt stability to a new provisional governemt, providing help and support to make an easy passage until free elections clarify the country panorama.

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