Is Lady Gaga copying Annie Lennox?

In a recent appearance of Lady Gaga in MTV awards dressed like a man, some people had rememberings of similar facts occurring some years ago with Annie Lennox in the Grammy Awards  (http://www.publico.es/393684/lady-gaga-acusada-de-plagiar-a-annie-lennox). But some of us think that the whole story goes beyond. I acknowledge that my interest ’bout the singer is recent: the commotion raised by the inclusion of my country (Spain) in a tour some two years? ago. Before that point, I lived unconscious ’bout the terrible importance of the phenomenon. Then, I become suddenly aware of it and I saw every available youtube Gaga video. I specially acknowledge that I was impressed by “Telephone”. But even so, after few first impressions, I could not help bringin’ to my memory the prisoners dance in the Chicago film and the desperate run of “Thelma & Louise”. I mean, I only find a cocktail of sensationalism and sex provocation, all to mask lack of new musical ideas. Maybe this is just another sign of the times: technical excess, takin` from here and there to cover the desert of the imagination. And I wonder: in a fifteen years` time, when we all grow old or die, does anybody imagine a momentary unoccupied repairman whistlin’ “Alejandro”, like we hear him now whistlin’ “Blowin’ in the Wind”, “Chiquitita” or “With or Without you”? 

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